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Board of directions

Mr. Xu GuoXiong, Director, Chairperson, CEO
Mr. Xu GuoXiong holds a bachelor in Chinese language and literature from Shanghai Normal University and master in business administration from Asia International Open University (Macau).
Mr. Xu previous positions included general manager’s assistant and deputy general manager of Shanghai Bicycle Group Co., Ltd., general manager of the department of industry and president assistant of China Hua Yuan Group Co., Ltd., vice chairman and general manager of Hua Yuan Kai Ma Machinery Co., Ltd., vice president of Shanghai Pharmaceutical (Group), and executive director, president of Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co., Ltd. He has extensive experience in enterprise operation and management.
Mr. Jin Guo Ming,Director and General Manager
Mr. Jin was appointed Directory and General Manager in March 1998. Mr. Jin graduated from Zhejing Institute of Metallurgy Economic. He also holds a master's degree in Business Management awarded by South Australia University.  He has over 20 years' experience in printing and packaging industry.
Mr. Xu Tao,Director and Vice General Manager
Mr. Xu graduated from Shanghai Lixin University of Commerce.
Mr. Xu was the vice manager, manager of sales department in Shanghai paper upholster co., Ltd., general manager of Shanghai Jieyou International Trade co., Ltd., general manager of Hebei Yongxin Paper co., Ltd., general manager of Zhejiang Rong Feng Paper co., Ltd., general manager of The Wing Fat Printing (Sichuan) co., Ltd. He has almost 30 years' experience in printing and packaging industry.
Mr Dai Yuanlun,Director
Mr Dai graduated from the Shanghai Institute of Mechanical Technology (now  University of Shanghai for Science and Technology).
He holds a bachelor's degree in Dynamics Studies. He had been the Director, General Manager and Vice Chief Executive Officer in the Shanghai Electric Group Printing & Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd. He is now at the position of Director and Executive Deputy General Manager in Nanyang Brothers Tobacco Co. Ltd.Mr. Dai has 30 years experience on the management and the facilities of packaging and printing industry.
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